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11.09.2013 - OKsystem and Acuative form business partnership
OKsystem has joined with an American company, Acuative, to cooperate on development and use of security mobile apps. The partnership seeks to expand OKsystem’s products into the American market.

04.09.2013 - OKsystem developed a mobile application for the American company Queralt
OKsystem has finished development of a new mobile application, which was being designed for the American company Queralt. After testing the application, Queralt’s customer ordered four connected applications which are intended for processing and reading of QR codes.

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We combine Software, Technology and Services

We have been operating on the information technology market since 1990. We are a significant designer of extensive information systems for the state administration of the Czech Republic. We also focus on the development and integration of application program systems for the corporate sphere. We specialise in the provision of software solutions, including deliveries of technologies and services, which include expert consultations, authorised training and testing of IT professionals. We use our expert knowledge from the area of security, data encryption and integration of smart cards into operational systems.

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