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Novell/Linux certification programmes

In our test centre we offer all tests in the area of Novell/Linux provided by the certification authorities Pearson VUE, Prometric and Novell Practicum.

Overview of selected certifications

SUSE Linux

CLA (Certified Linux Administrator) is the basic level of certification in the area of Linux.

CLP (Novell Certified Linux Professional) is a professional certificate proving ability in the area of the Linux operating system.  The test is taken in the form Novell Practicum, where the candidates perform online tasks on a truly running system.

CLE (Novell Certified Linux Engineer) is the highest level of certification proving the skills necessary for managers or architects of large networks.


NCA ES (Novell Certified Administrator Enterprise Services) is basic certification focussing on the administration of Novell Enterprise Server.

NCE ES (Novell Certified Engineer Enterprise Services) is certification following on from NCA ES demonstrating a deeper level of knowledge in the area of Novell Enterprise Server.

CNIMA (Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator) is certification focussing on basic and advanced skills in the product Novell Identity Manager 4.

CNZA (Certified Novell ZENworks Administrator) is a certificate intended for administrators optimising administration of a network and end stations in the ZENworks environment.

CWMA (Certified Workload Management Administrator) is a certificate verifying the skills necessary for installation, configuration, use and resolution of problems in the products  PlateSpin Recon, PlateSpin Protect, and PlateSpin Migrate.

LPIC certification: Linux Professional

LPIC 1 Linux Professional Institute Certification 1

LPIC 2 Linux Professional Institute Certification 2

LPIC 3 Linux Professional Institute Certification 3

LPIC are certificates proving skills in the Linux environment in general and independently of the specific environment. These certifications are provided by the independent organisation Linux Professional Institute.  After passing the LPIC 1  it is possible to apply free of charge for the issue of a CLA certificate from Novell.

Older certification:

CNACertified Novell Administrator 10

CLE Novell Certified Linux Engineer 10

CLDA Certified Linux Desktop Administrator

Current information about all certificates and required tests can be found on

Selected certifications with recommended preparatory courses:

We recommend that you always check current information and required tests for certification on the pages of the company Novell. During the ordering of tests we merely broker the tests which you have selected, and we will not examine their combination.

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